To enhance the health care you provide for your cat, Diane offers connected care via telehealth consultations using the Medici app.  The app allows Dr. Eigner to deliver virtual veterinary medical, health, and education services without your needing to transport your cat.  Remote consultations driven by technology allows you, the owner, an affordable way to make sure your cat is getting the care it needs and deserves!  Connected Care will also soon include the use of an online tool that will allow you to evaluate the quality of your cat's life.  VetMetrica's has created an assessment that has been specifically designed to measure how an animal “feels” from its individual perspective. This novel approach supports a significant shift in veterinary care and animal welfare more generally, from the avoidance of poor quality of life to the attainment of good or excellent quality of life. Diane's clients will be able to use VetMetrica's services as soon as they are launched in the fall of 2018.

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Connected Care